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Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story…

Are you unhappy when you are thinking about how the Internet could serve your business and life style better? How it could actually be used to give your more time freedom? Making you a full time income that supports enjoying life fully without worries? (And I am not talking about ONE specific “business opportunity” or “company” that promises you to be “the solution to this”…)

Hi there,

my name is Semmy and I really value your time and I am excited to welcome you here at semmy.com today. Being online since the early 90′s enables me to help you with one or two things that I have learned over time for sure.

Internet Marketing and making a full time living using the Internet is for real. It is just that a lot of people “don’t get real” what it takes to be successful with it.

You are invited to connect with me in person and find out today how you can achieve more – just click on “Connect With Me & Schedule A Chat!”

“How YOU Profit From Semmy.com…”

  • Why Semmy? – Tap Into & Profit From 15+ Years Internet Marketing Knowledge.
    I have been online since the early 1990s – I founded semmy.com 1997
  • You Are Not Alone! – Thousands Of People Experienced My Live Coaching In LIVE Seminars
    & In One-On-One Coaching WorldWide And As A Published Book Author (yes a REAL book!)
    I Gained A Lot Of Insights That You Can Benefit From!
  • Personalized Coaching – No Matter If You Are New To Internet Marketing (Especially Affiliate Marketing)
    And Want To Start A “Home Based Business” Or If You Already Own Your Own Company
  • Social Media Marketing – Learn What Is Working In Social Media Marketing Today!
  • Network Marketing Training – If You Are A Network Marketer (MLM) I Can Share Special Profitable Insights
    And Training How To Build Your Downline Faster And Better
  • Get Free 15 Minutes Coaching – Book A Free 15 Minutes Coaching Session
    Without Any Obligation And The Need To Buy Anything
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Get 15 Minutes Free Skype Coaching Today. There is nothing to buy. This is a relaxed conversation to connect with you and learn all about you. I will then be able to tell you if I am the right person for you that can help you reach your business and personal goals. Do I Know For Sure If I Can Help You? Of course not, because I probably never met you! - and that is why this 15 Minutes Skype Coaching Call is for.

Websites & People That Claim They Can Help You WITHOUT knowing you first are most often disrespectful and a waste of your time, aren’t they?

P.S.: If you prefer a text based chat instead of talking on the phone, please let me know. I am quite flexible how to communicate with you – so tell me what fits best for you. Book Your Free Meeting Now!

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