How One-Dimensional Are You As A Marketer?

This is something I would like to ask hundreds of people every day: “How one-dimensional are you as a marketer?” – I visit so many websites and encounter so many people that claim that they are marketers and that love to network with others and in the end they turn out to be … one-dimensional…

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Six Toxic Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Career

This is a original blog post from Dr. Travis Bradberry (president from that I like to share with you. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. It’s what you say to yourself after you mess up that matters. Your self-talk (the thoughts you have about your feelings) can either magnify the negativity or help you…

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How To Get Your Traffic Back When Sharing Content (Video Blog Post)

How to get your traffic back the smart way when sharing content with others, find out how to share valuable resources, articles and links with your audience without losing them – and how to adding extra value to things that you recommend. Watch The Deluxe Version Of The Video Fullscreen: Or watch the video below: [svpVideo…

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The Viral Mind Reading Cat Video Experiment

I just had a lot of fun this week creating the ad copy for this weird “Mind Reading Cat Video” that is going to be a great experiment for using a viral video for promotions. Click here now to see the full 30 second web spot – including a nutty German professor with his mind…

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Is Asking For A Refund A Bad Thing To Do?

Is asking for a refund a bad thing to do? I just had an interesting encounter today with a top marketer from the UK that was shocked and refused to do business with me because I told him that I did refund an Kindle ebook that he did recommend to me a week before and…

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Do You Do Bonus Offers?

Do you do offer “bonus offers”? I am doing them and decided to bring them back to the public eye on my new bonus offer page at where I am now constantly adding new relevant offers that you can take advantage of.   Why is this relevant to you? A lot of people online…

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My Missing Tip For A Great Business Meeting

Carol Roth* posted an interesting blog post about how to make the best out of your business meetings. Whether you’re meeting with a potential client, a current client, a colleague or even your staff, sometimes, those meetings go off the rails and leave you scratching your head as to what the purpose of that meeting…

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The Biggest Usability Trap Of Your Website

I am still amazed every day about the biggest usability issue I have with websites – the “how to contact the owner/company/person”. Really sometimes it is mind boggling, some websites seem to like to have no human contact at all – not just if you like to contact the support department if you have any…

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The Most Important For Social Media: Connect With Real People

A lot of people miss big opportunities in social media – if someone is following you, you should research their profile, and reach out and get in touch with people. Often when I tell people that for example I contact every single person the first time they follow on my recently rebooted (formerly hijacked) Twitter account,…

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The Best Coaching Advice: Remember You Are Awesome

Being successful in business and life always revolves around one thing: realizing how awesome you are – and… how awesome all the other people are you are connected with – here is a “must watch video” – The Great Awesame-Anthem. ( On those days… when you feel bullied by life, this is your reminder that you…

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