How To Benefit From

I value your time and I am happy that you do visit today. Being online since the early 90's enables me to help you with one or two things that I have learned over time for sure.  Internet Marketing and making a full time living using the Internet is for real. It is just that a lot of people "don't get real" what it takes to be successful with it.

You are invited to connect with me in person via chat (if I am available you see a chat button below!) or skype to see that I am a real person and not some sort of an automated "sales page".  :-)

Laptop Life Style?

This is too funny how people think that they have their laptops next to the pool and just doing a few minutes of work and earn 1000's Euros, Dollars, Bitcoin... (insert your currency here). Personally I work from anywhere I want and that includes sometimes exotic locations, there is still one important element to consider: I work.

The key to online success is how to know how to leverage your work and how to multiply what you do. Work 8 hours, get paid for the results over and over again. 

2 Secrets To Improve Your Results

If you want to earn a good income online you need to focus on those things: 1. Products that pay you well. It takes as much time and effort to promote something that costs $10, $100 or $1000. 2. You actually need actually something people really want! 3. No matter what you do promote, you need constant targeted traffic that converts into sales, or you are just wasting your time. 

Connect With Successful People

They key to your success with using the Internet is finding successful people and then model what they do. Thats the key - always look for people do do something better than you currently do and then model what they do. Live Events or Streaming Internet Live Events if you can't or dont like to travel, Webinars, or local meetups.