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A collection of resources that will make your daily online life more fun: both for business and yourself.

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Discover valuable people and companies to network with that help you to reach your business goals.

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Writing Samples By Semmy

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Since most of my past work was confidencial contracted ghost writing and publications under pen names the best way to work with me is by contacting me directly.

Internet Marketing Nuggets

Smart Email Marketing

No other email marketing company offers you a full email automation service for up to 1000 subscribers. These do! They rock. Approved by many smart Internet marketers. They just dont want to tell you about this company.

SEO Secret PageOptimizer.Pro

One of the few SEO secrets I am happy to share as it is scientifically tested SEO, not guess work (just like the "bigger brother" CORA listed below - note those are two different companies that provide those services!)

ENTER COUPON CODE "SEMMY" to get 5 free credits instead of the usual 3 free credits.

SEO Secret CORA from SEO TOOL Lab

The SEO Monster that offers such indepth details about what Google does (and tries to hide from you) that you are hesitant at first when you hear it. How is this possible?

25% OFF With SEMMY

SEO Secret Spying Tool

This affordable SEO tool is the most have to see all SEO relevant data right (30 SEO metrics in just one click) on your search results when you research them. Try out the free trial days and be amazed what you have missed!

Marketing Specialists

Secret SEO Guru: Josh Bachynski

The real deal in proven scientic-based tested SEO marketing that very few can match. Maker of the Google documentary "Don't Be Evil: Google's Secret War

High Voltage SEO Agency: The Real Deal

If you need proven SEO results instead of empty SEO promises and half-shady guesses and outdated wanna-be-SEO experts. The reliable Kyle and his team will not dissapoint!

Your Profile Here?

Talk with me to be featured.

Internet Productivity

The most amazing way to save pages if you feel the urge that you need to print something out. The gold standard. You would not believe what you have missed out by not using this service.

CRM Contact Management Secret

You hate complicated contact management software? You want to stay in touch and follow up with the right people? So do I. Those Irish folks rock!

Proven Simple Success Cycle "What To Do Next"-Method.

AirDroid: The End Of Multi-Device Headaches

"This is my #1 tool to constantly have all devices "stiched together as one" - if you want to have the perfect solution to move your files around from your phone to your tablet to your desktop or the cloud in any way, form or shape... this is your one and only-one thing to have. No matter if Android, Mac, Windows - or just everything online."

Social Media Images Faster Than Ever: Why You Most Love GetStencil

GetStencil is the fastest way to generate compelling social media compatible images with free usage rights, perfect for article lead-in images. I have personally generated almost 1000 images since this company started their services.

My Favorite Quickie To Make Images Small Online:

Need fast loading images without using any software. This is my online go to page to shrink them all down.

Productivity Mind Hacks

Productivity Insight

You are bigger than you think. This is not some cheap self-help talk. You success always lies in producing real results in the real world. However: everything starts in your mind and brain.

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Are you easily distracted? Having a hard time being focused in order to complete a task at hand? Brain.FM brings to you streaming brain wave technology that will speed up your work success by proven scienctific methods.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

My personal eye opener why most self-help stuff does not work. And your brain actually tricks you in order to surive. Learn how to trick it back to thrive! Recommended books to read "You Are Your Own Placebo" & "Break The Habit Being Yourself".

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